Sentéales is an exclusive French skincare line, based solely on Phyto-Aromatherapy principles and ingredients. Launched in 2015, Sentéales skincare is the latest creation of the Laboratoire Sentéales founded by Mr. Franck Benet in collaboration with noted cosmetic chemist, Madame Christiane Benet (Founder of The Laboratoire Carole Franck).

Sentéales is designed as a perfect blend of science and nature supported by rigorous research and systematic methodology. The unique formulations of healing essential oils were developed through close collaboration with specialists in skincare, pharmaceuticals, and dermatology.


Sentéales Phyto-Aromatherapy treatments, based on solid scientific data, offer a unique range of skincare treatments, including Four aromatherapy elixirs (Essential Oils) - highly active precious plant oils formulated for their efficacy and sensory benefits.

The treatments - stimulating, restoring, anti-aging and brightening - are all rich in active plant properties, both innovative and potent (Peptides, Fruit acids, Hyaluronic acids) allowing the skin to rediscover its natural beauty.


From the essences and oils of Lavender, Thyme, Geranium, Damask Rose and Peppermint to Sweet Orange, White Tea, Bitter Almond, Lemon Grass, and Calendula among a dozen other natural ingredients, Sentéales creates the absolute ultimate in skin nourishment regiment and a sense of complete well-being.

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