VITALITY SERUM is a highly concentrated and gentle serum. Wild Soybeans extract develops firmness and regenerates the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles. The extract of Commiphora Mukul Tree bark helps plump the skin through the Lipid Storage. Horse Chestnut, red Vine Leaf and Blueberry extracts provide maximum comfort with soothing for sensitive skin that help to reduce skin irritability and redness. As part of the Sentéales skincare regimen, this product should be used prior to applying SENTÉALES VITALITY CREAM or SENTÉALES INTENSE SOURCE CREAM for best results.

SÉRUM VITALITÉ Vitality Serum - 1 fl.oz Bottle

    • Firming
    • Reduces the sensitivity of fragile skin
    • Regenerates the skin
    • Nourishes, calms and smooths

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